December 21, 2010

Cherokee breaks car-pushing record

Cherokee Nation citizen breaks car-pushing world record

By Jami CusterCherokee Nation citizen Baron O’Field earned his spot in the Guinness Book of World Records by pushing a car 27 miles in 20 hours, beating the old record of 26.2 miles in 24 hours.

O’Field passed the previous record at 9:03 a.m. on Dec. 17 in the Walmart parking lot. He began his attempt by pushing a four-door Ford car donated by Stuteville Ford at 1 p.m. the previous day.
And:O’ Field said he had a couple reasons for attempting the feat, one of them being the world record. He said he works with CN citizen Brian Jackson, who holds several world records for blowing up and popping inflatable objects.

“(Jackson) is only one of six Native Americans that has one (record), and I will try to be No. 7, I guess,” O’Field said. “Second, I want to try to raise money for the Angel Tree Program. There is still about 300 kids that haven’t received anything for the Angel Tree, so I’m trying to help them out.”
Comment:  Would it be fair to call O'Field an unsung hero or warrior akin to other tribal champions? Hmm, probably not.

For more on the subject, see Cherokee World-Record Holder.

Below:  "Cherokee Nation citizen Baron O’ Field pushes a car Dec. 16 at the Walmart parking lot in Tahlequah, Okla., in an attempt to break the world record of 26.2 miles in 24 hours. He broke the record Dec. 17 with 27 miles in 20 hours." (Jami Custer/Cherokee Phoenix)

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