December 14, 2010

Devils Lake boy to perform flag song

Spirit Lake youngster heading to perform in Washington DC

By Louise OlesonHunter Street is no ordinary seven-year-old, second grader.

Normally he’s in Mrs. Pavek’s class at Sweetwater Elementary School in Devils Lake but he’s heading to Washington DC later this week to perform for the second annual White House Tribal Nations Conference and President Barack Obama.

Street was selected for the honor by the National Congress of American Indians after they heard his singing on a You Tube video. He will be performing the Lakota Flag Song at the beginning of the opening ceremonies of the conference. It is equivalent to the National Anthem for the Lakota people.
And:Merrick says her son has been singing since he was two years old and has a gift for learning the words and songs. “He’s most familiar with the Lakota and Dakota culture,” she said.

“He is an enrolled member of the Three Affiliated Tribes, that was my father’s tribe. I am Spirit Lake, Dakota, and he is being raised here. The traditional way is part of who we are,” Merrick said.
Comment:  Can we expect Glenn Beck to attack this flag song as anti-American? As another example of the racist rhetoric favored by today's conservatives?

For more on the subject, see Obama Plans 2nd Tribal Summit.


dmarks said...

Conflict between the headline and the article.

Devils Lake being an older name, from a white assertion/assumption that all Native spirits/deities were demonic.

Rob said...

I can't help it if Devils Lake is associated with the Spirit Lake Reservation. It would be difficult if not impossible to change the town's name now.

Here's the name's origin:,_North_Dakota

The present site of Devils Lake was originally Sioux land and the original inhabitants were relocated to the Spirit Lake Reservation. The name "Devils Lake" is a calque of the Sioux phrase mni wak’áŋ (literally: spiritual water), which is also reflected in the names of the Spirit Lake Tribe and the nearby town of Minnewaukan.

dmarks said...

I know, not your fault. I wasn't going to be like some and blame you for the content of an article and its headline.

But yes, town names can be changed.