December 26, 2010

Hunting the Rez magazine

Magazine promotes Native land recreationA Rocky Boy man has launched an outdoor magazine promoting tribal hunting, fishing and recreational opportunities for nonenrolled people.

The magazine is called Hunting the Rez, and is a full-color glossy print format. Plans are to publish quarterly. The first issue of the magazine is already on newsstands.

"We are very pleased with Hunting the Rez's launch," publisher and owner Jason Belcourt said. "It's not only for the economic benefits afforded the reservation programs we'll be showcasing from issue to issue, but also for the millions of acres of hunting and recreational opportunities open to the nontribal members of the outdoor sportsmen community."

Belcourt said that because North American hunting grounds are getting harder and harder to find, Indian Country is becoming the preferred spot for savvy sportsmen looking for abundant hunting and fishing opportunities.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Face Magazine About First Nations and Native Hoop Website and Magazine.

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