October 07, 2011

Ancient Cherokee Days

Ancient Cherokee Days teaches area schoolkids about tribal traditions

By Sara PlummerMore than three centuries ago, Cherokee Indians were playing stickball, marbles and chunkey - a sport involving rolling discs and spears.

Those games live on during Ancient Cherokee Days, with children learning and participating in the traditional pastimes.

The event is hosted by the Cherokee Heritage Center in Park Hill, near Tahlequah.

This year's festival is the largest in its 12-year history, with 900 students registered to attend through Friday.
And:Students can roam in a Cherokee village typical of life in the 1700s or participate in hands-on activities at 15 stations.

Stations allow children to weave a basket, play stickball, shoot darts from a blowgun, learn elements of a stomp dance and listen to Cherokee lore from a storyteller.
Comment:  For more Cherokee culture on display, see Cherokee Civil War Tourism and Cherokees Plan John Ross Museum.

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