October 21, 2011

Obama's goal:  US as Indian reservation?!

Former Sen. Burns speaks to tea party groupFormer U.S. Sen. Conrad Burns says President Barack Obama wants the “whole country to become like an Indian reservation.”

Burns spoke Thursday in Billings to tea party supporters at a small rally organized by Americans for Prosperity. AFP is an advocacy group founded with support from billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, which lobbies for lower taxes and less government.

The Billings Gazette reports Burns also compared the Occupy Wall Street protesters to spoiled children throwing a “hissy fit.” A group of more than 40 responded approvingly to his remarks.
Comment:  "Like an Indian reservation"...you mean a place of great cultural diversity and beauty?

Perhaps he meant the Mashantucket Pequot or Mohegan reservation, or another reservation of that type. You know, where a rising tide of prosperity has lifted every tribal member.

Less charitably, perhaps he meant a place where brown-skinned people predominate. You know, ghettos, 'hoods, barrios, reservations, and mosques. Where "those people" are trying to take over the country from "real Americans" like Burns.

The Tea Party audience cheered these remarks the same way they cheered executions and booed a gay soldier. Thus proving once again that teabaggers are racists.

For more on conservative racism, see Perry's "Response" Broke Cannibal Curse?! and Rubio:  Entitlements "Weakened" Us.

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