October 13, 2011

Oneida debuts second cartoon

Oneida Indian Nation Animated Short Premieres“My Home,” the second animated short film by Four Directions Productions, will screen publicly for the first time this evening, Thursday, October 13, at the Syracuse International Film Festival in Syracuse, NY.

Four Directions Productions is a 3D animation/HD cinematography studio, is located on Oneida Indian Nation lands near Sherrill, N.Y. “We are very proud that our first animated short, ‘Raccoon & Crawfish,’ captured first place at 18 international film festivals and brought international attention to our region,” said Nation Representative and CEO of Nation Enterprises Ray Halbritter in a press release. “We’re equally confident that ‘My Home’ will continue to share our legends in a meaningful and entertaining way.”

As with “Raccoon & Crawfish,” the new film is based on an Oneida legend. “Legends were how our elders taught life lessons to our children long ago and how we still do today,” said Turtle Clan Representative Dale Rood, who is Director of Studio Operations at Four Directions. “Animating those legends is how we preserve them for future generations and educate the world about who we are as a people. … Our second animation surpasses the great work we did in our first award-winning short by employing creativity coupled with the cutting edge computer techniques utilized by our highly talented and experienced team of animators.”
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Four Directions Wins Awards and Rising Stars in Native Animation.

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