October 13, 2011

Haida legend inspires SeaWolves logo

SeaWolves fans pick team's new logo

By Mike AllendeNorth Sound SeaWolves owner/coach Alex Silva was very happy with the response from an online voting contest the soccer team held to pick its new logo.

More than 1,400 votes were received and 90 percent picked the eventual winner, which depicts a pair of wolves with fish tails intertwined cupping a soccer ball. The old logo featured an Orca.
And:Silva said the logo was based on a Haida Tribe legend that says a man found two wolf pups on a beach and raised them. When the wolves were grown, they would swim into the ocean to kill a whale for the man to eat. Eventually they killed so many whales that the meat began to spoil. When the Great Above Person saw the waste, he created a fog so the wolves could not find a whale or find their way back to shore, and they became sea wolves, which is another word for an Orca.Comment:  For more on the subject, see Warriors Mascot Done Right and Sports Logos = US Coins?

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