October 28, 2011

Inupiaq Flying Wild Alaska star

Ariel Tweto Talks 'Flying Wild Alaska,' Calls BS On Seeing Russia From Anyone's House

By Maggie FurlongAriel Tweto is so cute she's almost cartoon-like. With a petite frame and an infectious giggle, the 'Flying Wild Alaska' star was a bundle of energy when we hung out to talk about Season 2 (premieres Fri., Oct. 28, 10PM ET on Discovery). Actually, energetic doesn't even begin to describe her, as our journey through a wide range of talking points proves.

Born Ariel Eva Tuadraq-Atauchaq Tweto, the Eskimo firecracker from Unalakleet, Alaska, struggled to get her pilot's license all through Season 1 in the hopes of taking flight for her family business, Era Alaska, an airline that services the barren land and extreme conditions of the Alaskan wilderness.
And:A few years back, Tweto dominated and charmed on ABC's 'Wipeout' and became known as the "where's the pole?" girl before a producer there decided her family's story would make a great reality show as well. Now she's got her sights set on another franchise: 'Amazing Race.'

She could do it, too--she has run every single day of her life since 2002. "Cabo, Spring Break, the flu, minus-50 degrees ... at least a mile, but usually it's between three and 15 miles. It's my time to think. Or listen to Ryan Seacrest," she said with a laugh. Now living and going to school in Southern California, Tweto goes back to Unalakleet during the busy season to pitch in.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Native Pilots in Alaska and Natives in Flying Wild Alaska.

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