October 18, 2011

Killing Geronimo graphic novel

Bluewater turns THE HUNT FOR OSAMA BIN LADEN into graphic novelPublishing giant Simon & Schuster has tabbed independent comic book publisher Bluewater Productions to produce a graphic novel version of the events surrounding the hunt and killing of Osama bin Laden.

"Killing Geronimo: The Hunt for Osama bin Laden," takes its title from the code name given the notorious Al-Qaeda leader during the secret action named Operation Neptune Spear carried out on May 2, 2011. The 96-page original graphic novel documenting the mission is scheduled for spring 2012 release.

"This is an epic story nearly ten years in the making," said co-author and journalist Jerome Maida, "It's like a true-to-life Jason Bourne novel. And like those Ludlum books, it's a complex labyrinth of intrigue, danger and politics culminating in an action-packed ending."

Bluewater, who has a successful track record of developing non-fiction comic books and graphic novels, is basing its account on the publicly released details surrounding the mission and the historical lead up to its successful resolution.
Comment:  Oops. Apparently Bluewater didn't get the military/media memo that claims we didn't label Osama bin Laden "Geronimo." Apparently they're going with the facts--you know, like the quotes calling him "Geronimo." How dare they!

This book shows exactly what's wrong with the military's choice of codename. Would anyone authorize an operation to kill "George Washington"? Or publish a book with the title "Killing George Washington"? Probably not.

But "Killing Geronimo" seems perfectly acceptable to most Americans. He was just a "dirty redskin," not a human being, right? Killing him was like killing a mangy dog, a skunk, or some other varmint.

For more on the subject, see Afterword in Code Name: Geronimo and Code Name: Geronimo Graphic Novel.

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Also, _color_water and the Middle East is an inherently bad combination. Though at least Bluewater isn't as comically evil-sounding as Blackwater.