June 01, 2011

Blame burial grounds for economy?

Report:  Economy Failing Because U.S. Built On Ancient Indian Burial Grounds

Comment:  This Onion satire is mostly innocuous. It mocks non-Indians for believing in the "curse" of Indian burial grounds. And not the Indians or their burial practices.

Note also that it's basically true, which robs it of some of its sting. Indians did own the entire land. They are buried everywhere. Everything we built sits on top of Indian bones, either literally or figuratively.

For some stories dealing with burial grounds, see Mound Supporters Compared to Violent Protesters and Wamapoke Curse in Parks and Recreation. For more on the subject, see Indian Remains = Specimens and Digging Up Indian Graves Okay?


Anonymous said...

Redrum, redrum. *points to red room*

dmarks said...

I have a suspicion that I used to live in a former Dakota burial area.