October 05, 2011

Global Gaming Expo 2011 (Day 3)

Today was my day to man the booth while Victor met with people. There wasn't a lot traffic, so I spent most of the day browsing the news and playing Words with Friends on an iPad.

I did get a brief reprieve when we heard Mike Tyson was in the house. I saw him, a mini-Elvis, and some go-go dancers before returning to the booth.

Our big adventure came after the show when we met the gaming writers at the Cosmopolitan for our annual dinner. Our leader had arranged a tour, so we got to see the top of the line of this top-of-the-line property. We thought the first suite was spectacular, but then we saw literally the best the Cosmopolitan had to offer: a 5,000 sq. ft. penthouse suite with magnificent views of the Strip. Someone said it rented for perhaps $15,000 a night.

After that we had a delicious dinner and conversation in the Cosmopolitan's Scarpetta restaurant. Some of the writers went off for more carousing, but I was too tired, so I returned to the Paris and went to bed.


Global Gaming Expo (Day 3)--October 5, 2011

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