October 03, 2010

Indian Trails Bus Line

Indian Trails celebrates milestone with community

By Jessica RobisonThe taxi service was originally known as Phillips-Taylor Livery Service, and later after a few name changes became Indian Trails Bus Line 1935 in reference to its travel along US 12, which is locally known as the “Old Indian Trail.”And:When the name changed in the early 1930’s to Indian Trails, Cora added to the theme and began the tradition of naming each motorcoach in honor of a native Michigan chief. Even today after many years, it is still tradition, with each Indian Trails’ coach proudly bearing the name of an Ottawa, Potawatomie or Chippewa chief.Comment:  I don't think buses have pride in their names. Or in anything else.

For a related subject, see Hiawatha Trains and Logo.

Below:  "To bring more awareness to the benefits of motorcoaches, the motorcoach Chief Niauega was given a full-wrap design."

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dmarks said...

Coincidentally, I saw one of these buses a week ago, with a name like Chief Shonoe. I was going to look it up and sending something to you, but could not find much.