August 22, 2009

Assassins paroled, but not Peltier

Peltier denied parole

Supporters vow to continue to work for his release

By JoKay Dowell
Seitz said at his parole hearing in July, Peltier expressed regret and accepted responsibility for his role in the incident in which the two FBI agents and one Native American activist died.

“Mr. Peltier emphasized that the shootout occurred in circumstances where there literally was a war going on between corrupt tribal leaders supported by the government on the one hand, and Native American traditionalists and young activists on the other. He again denied, as he as always denied, that he intended the deaths of anyone or that he fired the fatal shots that killed the two agents, and he reminded the hearing officer that one of his former co-defendants recently admitted to having fired the fatal shots. Accordingly, it is not true that Leonard Peltier participated in ‘the execution style murders of two FBI agents,’ as the parole commission asserts and there never has been credible evidence of Mr. Peltier's responsibility for the fatal shots, as the FBI continues to allege. Moreover, given the corrupt practices of the FBI, it is entirely untrue that Leonard Peltier's parole at this juncture will in any way ‘depreciate the seriousness’ of his conduct and/or ‘promote disrespect for the law.’ We will continue to seek parole and clemency for Mr. Peltier and to eventually bring this prolonged injustice to a prompt and fair resolution.”

Along with Seitz, supporters disagree with Wrigley’s statement and vow to remain vigilant in their work for his release.

“While Leonard Peltier remains in jail Arthur H. Bremer shot presidential candidate George Wallace during a campaign stop in Maryland. Bremer recently left prison after serving 35 years,” Ben Carnes, a Peltier spokesperson said. “Hinkley, the man who tried to kill President Reagan is now allowed to visit his mother more, get a driver’s license and spend more time away from the mental hospital where he lives. Lynnette ‘Squeaky’ Fromme, a Charles Manson family member who pointed a gun at President Ford was released this month after serving 33 years.”

Carnes expressed his outrage further saying, “When presidential assassins can walk free while an innocent man remains imprisoned, is an injustice to the conscience of all people.”
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Peltier Denied Parole Again.

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