August 29, 2009

MC Mong's Indian Boy video

Reader Enseniel E. brought this racist video to my attention. He nominates it for my Stereotype of the Month contest and offers his comments:

MC Mong--Indian Boy released July 23th

Checking up on the release of the album, it seems to have come out on July 22, 2009 so it's fairly new. In short, a Korean Rap performer utilizes American Indian stereotypes and guess what the name of the album is...Humanimal. "Indian Boy" just happens to be the second song on the track. Might not be the first but it's close. What's striking to me is that a number of people have called out the blatant stereotyping and quite a few have made the connection between the primitive animalistic theme and Natives (there's some hope after all) but many fans, Asians and non-Asians alike, have overall, fully supported the video and deny any stereotyping to have taken place. Some have even said that it promotes the positive aspects of Natives. What aspects those are I've yet to see in the video. I guess the whooping-with-hand-over-mouth and feathers is a way of paying respect? The thing that gets me is that Asians have been victims of racial stereotyping to a great effect during the Yellow Peril eras of U.S. immigration and of course WW II (the Japanese at least) and they'll decry that stain on American history yet when it's done on Natives, all of a sudden a lot of them play the denial game, or at least say it's a positive perception of Natives. There also seems to be a syndrome of everyone-does-it-itis. Ya know, "We get stereotyped so why can't we do it to others too?" Go fig.

Ah....Long email. Well, there ya go. Bye. And keep up the good work.
Comment:  Feathers, headdresses, warpaint, bows and arrows, whooping, drumming, deserts with cacti--this video uses some of the most common stereotypes. About all it's missing is a couple of teepees.

Note the guys dressed like 19th-century African explorers. Their fearful reaction to the "savages" suggests the idea of torture and cannibalism, even if these things aren't shown.

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Enseniel said...

There is a teepee involved in a comeback performance he did live.

It rotates.

Anonymous said...

Racial stereotypes of Asians are just as rampant and common place as there are against Black folks. It doesn't matter if you're a Jap or a Korean communist. But after the one of the deadliest mass shootings both at the V-tech in Virginia and the Immigration Center in New York(both perpetrated by "Asians"), racial hatred and suspicions began to .mount, hence a backlash of sorts. I think these incidents alone increased the hatred of Asians.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice to see Litefoot do version of his own in response to "Mong's" "Indian Boy" song. Something like "Kung-Fu Boy", "Karate Kid" or whatever and then you do the usual hands together and bow down.