August 27, 2009

Foxwoods iPhone app

IPhone program to offer ‘virtual’ Foxwoods, games

By Donna GoodisonMGM Grand at Foxwoods is developing an Apple iPhone application that will allow users to gamble on their mobile devices using “play money.”

The MGM Grand-themed game will simulate the sights and sounds of the Connecticut casino as part of the virtual experience.

Billed as the first casino-branded iPhone application, the new technology is expected to be available this fall. It also will provide tutorials on how to play the resort casino’s actual table games.

Another feature will give users in-depth tours of the casino--including its hotel rooms, restaurants, shops and spas--and allow them to make spa appointments.
Comment:  This is a good idea, but why limit it to casinos? How about every tribe with a tourism component develop an iPhone app. When you enter the reservation, according to GPS, the phone greets you in the tribe's native language. As you approach a building, monument, site, or geographic feature, the phone gives you its Native name and a brief description of its history and significance.

Foxwoods needs all the help it can get, because the Mashantucket Pequots are losing business and about to default on their loans:

Mashantuckets near default on Foxwoods' debt

Mashantuckets hope to restructure $2.3 billion in debt; plan sees 'no impact' on Foxwoods

By Brian Hallenbeck
On the brink of default, the Mashantucket Pequots are seeking to restructure $2.3 billion worth of debt, a senior adviser to the tribe said in interviews this week.

The debt is $1 billion more than the tribe's Foxwoods Resort Casino--North America's largest casino and once the world's most profitable--can sustain, the adviser said.

”We'll be asking creditors to take a big haircut,” he said.
For more on the subject, see Cherokee Phone App Video and The Facts About Indian Gaming.

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