August 19, 2009

Bright Young Things' "Indian Summer Camp"

BYT Summer Camp Week 12:  Indian Summer Camp @ Capitol Skyline

By CaleAugust 22, 2009
12:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Ok, it’s still August, but “Indian Summer Camp” was too clever of a name not to use. Plus bikini-clad native americans are hot.

We want to see people breaking out the feather headdresses and moccasins. Or go the cowboy route and bring some water pistols to take down the savages.

btw, this guy was Italian, Native Americans don’t give a shit about the environment

If you roll up in a van with some sweet art on it, you get in free.

Cher is amazing.

The make-out tee pee returns!

Make an ugly dreamcatcher craft and maize eating competition.

[Image:  Casino "chief" from South Park]

Casino games!

[Image:  Indian maiden with sparkles in her hair]

What the hell?

[Image:  Nearly naked man in loincloth.]

I just ordered this outfit (no homo).

Bluebrain are DJing! Wait, you don’t know who they are? You should. Check this out:

Still $10 for the WHOLE DAY and ALL AGES.
All drinks $5 or under
Plenty of food options so don’t bring any

ATMs and LOCKERS are available (bring your own padlock, or buy one off the hotel for $10).
Towels are now $3 so bring your own!

Capital Skyline Hotel
10 I St NW
Metro: Green Line – Navy Yard stop, half street exit

Check out how awesome the hotel is:

updates about capacity, weather, fun times etc can be found on our TWITTER.
so, follow us on here:

This is the best idea we ever had.
Some comments posted in response:marcalamari Says:

How racist can you guys get?
I’m offended you fucks.
I will get to protesters to show up. just watch!

racism is fun Says:

What’s next Black Face Camp?

Your 4th grade Teacher Says:

it is so easy to find all the racist, wannabe, offensive, fake, opportunistic media promotions about Native Peoples…you grew up with them, see them on South Park…sad state of education in such a modern world. Brightest Young Things????? Brainless Yadda (Yadda Yadda) Twits

Danielle Says:

ugh, you self-righteous people piss me off.

I’m half native american, enough to qualify for free higher education in florida and government cheese (thanks, trail of tears!). which is probably more than most of you commenting about the “injustice” and racial bigotry of a pool party.

and I think this pool party is great. bring your protesters, I dare you. I don’t hear you assholes complaining about the Redskins, Cleveland Indians, W&M Tribe, Florida Seminoles, or Atlanta Braves.

oh yeah! that’s right! you’re so myopic and determined to “piss off the hipsters” that you don’t realize that EVERYONE POKES FUN AT NATIVE PEOPLES. this doesn’t mean it’s OK, but don’t have the gall to pick and choose what’s racist and what isn’t. everything is racist or nothing is.

<–getting off my soapbox now.

Cale Says:

C’mon, like we’re actually sitting around here hating on Native Americans. We hate stupid white people. That’s what this is about. The people coming to the event get that. WE ARE ASHAMED OF WHAT STUPID WHITE PEOPLE DID TO THE NATIVE PEOPLE OF THIS LAND AND WE ARE ASHAMED OF BEING WHITE. There are actual racists out there that are worth getting your panties in a bunch over, we are not them. I am shocked that I have to explain this.

PS. BUT, all that being said, because we’re a bunch of white pussies we are now working on changing the theme so as not to “offend” anyone again.

PPS. I’m named after the Native American chief in my family tree and our graphic designer’s dad lives on the rez. I know that’s like saying I have a black friend, but it’s true.

Kevin Gover Says:

You can dress this up however you would like, but this is the most racist thing I’ve encountered in a long, long time. I am insulted beyond words. I hope very much you will reconsider doing this.

Anya Montiel Says:

I am so offended by this event. You would not do this to African Americans, Asians, etc. Those stereotypes are OFFENSIVE and inaccurate. Please don’t do this event. Native people are still here (and we live in DC). This is not appropriate.

janet Says:

I don’t know which is worse--the complete offensiveness of this event, or the fact that you are trying to hide behind the defense of “satire.” Unless you are planning on having legitimate information on site explaining why these images are so disrespectful, you are not satirizing anything. You are just making fun of a people and a culture you don’t understand. You’re not trying to educate anyone. You’re having a laugh at someone else’s expense.

A Real Native American Says:

This event is ignorant and offensive.

You would never host a “Negro Night” or a “Chinamen Chow-down” or “Holocaust Ho-down.”

“Negro Night! Dress as your favorite black-face or slave character. ”

Native Americans are not some party theme or mascot.

hmmm. Says:

Wanted to touch base with you to let you know that both the theme of the party has been changed as well as the content on the website. I also want to ensure you that the hotel was unaware of both the theme and content and as soon as we became aware, made the appropriate decisions to make the proper changes. The promoter BYT has also been in contact with a couple of American Indian organizations to apologize.
Comment:  After generating a storm of protest, Cale quickly took down the original text and images and replaced the "Indian Summer Camp" theme. But I've saved the text and some of the images here. (I corrected a few spelling and punctuation mistakes to make everything more readable.)

Cale posted a defense of his use of stereotypes and I posted a critique of his defense. Go to the original posting to read both.

For the previous example of an arguably racist party, see "Go Native" at the Visionary Village.


Michael said...

Thank you for posting. This is happening in Washington, DC. This kind of racist crap is appalling.

Michelle Fire Eater said...

Uh, I think there is a fine line between making fun of pop culture and actual racism, and, say, poor taste. Everyone is free to be annoyed, I suppose. These sorts of things, to me, fall into the "poor taste" category. Mostly because it is young people who take nothing, nothing seriously, particularly media portrayals of anything. The invisibility of natives, and the permission to poke fun that follows has more to do with the fed/rez than pool parties, me thinks.

What makes these folks "white pussies" however is the comment "ashamed of being white."

Ashamed of something you had nothing to do with? Brilliant. Try being ashamed of how you behave, not what color skin you were born with. Color is an excuse for cruelty, not cruelty itself. Strange and naive, indeed...

Thanks for this AWESOME BLOG, BTW.