August 17, 2009

Julia Jones III as Leah Clearwater?

Twilight Eclipse’s Shocking Casting News: Julia Jones III vs Q’orianka KilcherIn a major upset of the Twilight Saga’s casting choices for Eclipse, Twilight’s 3rd film installment, it was rumored on twitter today that the producers of Twilight have decided to cast Julia Jones as Leah Clearwater.

Many Twilight fans were hoping that Q’orianka Kilcher, 19, who played Pocahontas in The New World opposite Colin Farrell when she was 14, would get the role.

Leah in the Twilight Saga’s Eclipse book is a 19 year-old Native American Indian wolf pack princess. Julia Jones is 28 years old. An interesting choice.
Julia Jones Interview

By Aaron RichterWhere are your people from?

They’re Chickasaw from Northern Mississippi. That’s my dad’s side.

What about your mom?

My mom is from Connecticut. I grew up in Boston.

Talk about Hell Ride and your character in that film.

The movie’s about this biker gang. I play [Cherokee Kissum] the former lover of Larry Bishop’s character, and I get killed by their rival gang a long time ago. They are trying to avenge my death. She’s the emotional driving force of the plot. She’s all in flashbacks, which tell that story of why the characters are doing what they’re doing.

This film is very much like Grindhouse. And there’s so much tits and ass in the film. Are you comfortable with that?

Cherokee Kissum is the only female role besides maybe one other in the film that I would have been comfortable playing. She isn’t just tits and ass. She wasn’t a conquest. She was very important to these people. They respected her. It was important to tell her story because otherwise the movie wouldn’t work.

Who is your character on ER this season?

Kaya Montoya. She’s a medical student. Also, she’s Native American. When she comes in, people underestimate her. She actually has a lot of experience.

You get some great character names.

That’s because I’m an Indian. But Cherokee Kissum is the best name ever. I will never have a better name than that.
Comment:  I think I watched every episode of ER last season. I don't particularly remember the Kaya Montoya character. I'm pretty sure she never said one word about being Native.

Jones has appeared in Black Cloud and California Indian as well as a few other things. Let's hope she really is an Indian and not just another wannabe with a few drops of Indian blood.

For the previous Leah rumor, see Kyla Bearheels as Leah Clearwater? For more on the subject, see No Leah in New Moon? and 10 Actresses to Play Leah?


Anonymous said...

Its quite difficult to tell who's an actual "Indian" and who isn't. I know the melting pot has tarnished the full blooded indian imaginery. So it comes down to 1/4 and 1/8th as the next best thing. And there are many folks nowadays who want to be "indian" are willing to fool others and live a life based upon a lie, as we've seen with this fallacious "Korey Tinsel" character.

I actually did thought Julia Jones was an indian from her previous movies(Black Cloud/Cali Indian). But she hasn't really given enough evidence to point this out. Heck, I don't even know if she's enrolled in her tribe. And she hasn't never mentioned it.

Anonymous said...

If you have enough kids, even a 1/8th can have a veritable full blood descendant.

This is often why family members don't get along.

As for who's an actual 'Indian', you can't beat the lesser intelligent examples, white Indians like Kevin Costner, who don't let brains get in the way of his racial edge or preferences. True to himself and true to his race(s). Johnny Depp and Val Kilmer and Tommy Lee Jones, Cher etc. are similar but probably smarter.

Anonymous said...

They've also announced the actor playing Seth Clearwater. Seems to be another person that has a very ambiguous Native past. I'm surprised they couldn't find actual Native actors/actresses to fill these roles. Who knows if this was Rene's decision or someone higher up. I would like to think that she at least found some people who were rejected in favor of people with very little Native heritage. Maybe if Summit wasn't in a rush to crank out films, based around this series, they might have found Native people. Barring Tinsel Korey it seems like Chris Weitz was the better director at choosing a Native cast. While David only had to find a smaller amount of Native roles.