August 23, 2009

Three Affiliated Tribes bodybuilder

Bodybuilder lifts bar for Native youth

Building bodies, building character

By Doug Meigs
Rabbit Head is a child protection officer and athletic director at the American Indian boarding school. He also competes in bodybuilding shows; he placed fourth among the heavyweights in Fargo at the NPC Upper Midwest National Qualifier Bodybuilding Championships last April.

During the past school year, the 29-year-old citizen of the Three Affiliated Tribes balanced preparation for NPC’s competition with regular duties at Circle of Nations School. He coached, coordinated events, and worked with police and probation officers; meanwhile he helped Native students shoulder a burden less tangible than weights in a gym–adolescence.
Below:  "Tanner Rabbit Heads workout regimen changes throughout the year. In the summer, he lifts lower reps with higher weight to bulk up. But when he has a show to prepare for, he lifts lower weight at higher repetitions." (Photo by Doug Meigs)

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