August 28, 2009

Dakota downgraded to wolf-dog

Dad now wants wolf-dog home

No charges will be filed in infant case

By Greg Kocher
Alexander James "A.J." Smith was 3 days old on July 20 when Dakota, a female wolf-dog hybrid, took the baby from a crib and carried him outside the Smiths' Jessamine County home.

The baby suffered a cracked skull, cracked ribs, and a collapsed lung and a partially collapsed lung. He was in critical condition for several days at University of Kentucky Hospital. A.J. has since returned home.
Comment:  Interesting. I see they're no longer calling Dakota a Native American Indian dog. In fact, they're calling her a wolf-dog hybrid, which is clearly different.

I wonder if the newspaper decided the claims about the "breed" were questionable at best and fraudulent at worst. I suspect that's what happened.

For more on the subject, see Is "Indian Dog" a Breed? and Indian Dog Steals Baby.

Below:  "Dakota, the 4-year-old wolf-dog hybrid, is staying for now at the Jessamine County SAVE Center in Nicholasville." (Greg Kocher)

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