August 26, 2009

Indians mourn Kennedy's death

Wilson:  Indian Country mourns loss of KennedyWe mourn the loss with the rest of America for the Lion of the Senate has gone home at last to be with his brothers and other cherished family members. His special relationship with Indian country and longevity of service to Indian country makes him one of our own icons. Forty years ago he completed the work of his slain brother Bobby by chairing the Special Senate Sub Committee on Indian Education, and delivered the famous Kennedy Report to Congress: “Indian Education a National Tragedy, a National Challenge.” This report launched the National Indian Education Association and the modern movement for Tribal control of Indian education.

Tens of thousands of Indian children including my own daughters are showing off their new clothes, their new shoes, and backpacks. They will sharpen pencils, and organize their school supplies; they will decorate their lockers and reunite their circles of friendship. Some will walk through doors of new or renovated schools; get to these schools in new buses, on newly paved roads. All of these hard fought victories were advanced by the Lion of the Senate, from the Indian Education Act to the Tribal College Act, and most recently the reauthorization of Head Start.
Native educators salute Sen. Ted Kennedy

A comment on Kennedy posted on Facebook by Ernie Stevens Jr., NIGA chairman:Our thoughts and pray[er]s go out to the Kennedy family. Like his brothers, John and Robert, Senator Kennedy was a great champion for Native Americans. Our hearts continue to be heavy today, Ted Kennedy was a great friend: an American legend and Indian country will truly miss his leadership.

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