August 17, 2009

Cherokee "living history" tours

Cherokees plan cultural tourism ad campaign

By Clifton AdcockThe Cherokee Nation rolled out a new marketing campaign Monday to promote its cultural tourism program.

The campaign is called "Osiyo,” which means "hello” in Cherokee. It will promote four tribal tours of historic and recreational areas. The four tours are the Cherokee History Tour, Cherokee Old Settler Tour, Civil War History Tour and the Will Rogers History Tour. Each tour costs $35.
Cherokees launch cultural tourism campaign

By Kirby Lee DavisThe Cherokee Nation Tourism Department unveiled a unique cultural tourism program Wednesday involving elements of historic preservation and entrepreneurialism.

The 2-year-old department announced partnerships with several regional historical organizations, such as the Fort Gibson Historic Site and the Will Rogers Museum, to create four cultural tours advertised through a new, branded campaign and the new Web site

These Cherokee tours--ranging in subject from the Trail of Tears and Indian Territory settlement to the Civil War and Will Rogers--tout several “living history” elements that have proven tourist magnets across other parts of the nation, from Williamsburg, Va., to Dodge City, Kan.

Although many small organizations have tried to present living history programs in Oklahoma, Lt. Gov. Jari Askins said none had the resources to capture the state’s vast potential.

“Not only across the country, but especially in Europe and Asia, there are many people wanting to see Native American heritage,” said Askins, who heads the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Commission. “This effort sets the Cherokees apart.”
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Things to See in Oklahoma.

Below:  "Period actors answer questions from attendees at the unveiling of the Cherokee Nation Cultural Tourism program Monday in Tulsa." (Photo by Rip Stell)

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