October 05, 2010

Tea Party Halloween costumes

Can't decide what to wear for Halloween? Some ideas from the Tea Party:

1) A witch or Hare Krishna a la Christine O'Donnell.

2) A Revolutionary War patriot with a black slave in tow.

3) A blubbering baby a la Glenn Beck.

4) A snake with a "Don't Tread on Me" banner.

5) An illegal immigrant or Muslim with an axe or scimitar to behead people.

6) A white sheet and a hood to show you're sick of white people being pushed around.

For more on the subject, see Teabaggers = Hatemongers and Klansmen, Militias, and Teabaggers.

Below:  Forerunners of the Tea Party movement dress up for Halloween?


Anonymous said...

So this list is not endorsed or approved by the Tea party and is meant as a joke then?

Rob said...

Yes, I meant it as a joke. Sometimes it's hard to tell a satire from reality, eh?

I said the ideas came from the Tea Party, meaning the Tea Party inspired them. I don't know if the Tea Partiers would endorse them, but they might.