October 05, 2010

Terry Gilliam's Legend of Talladega

Terry Gilliam’s Legend of Talladega

By Brendon ConnellyFirst of all, we have a running time: it’s going to be around 8 minutes long. As well as being streamed online, it will play on ESPN in the run up to October 31st. This is doubly apt as that’s the date of NASCAR’s Talladega race day, as well as being Halloween--and this is a film about ghostly goings on at that very race track.

The curse of Talladega is a long standing urban myth about how the race track was built on a Native American burial ground (see the tent, the flag, David Arquette’s clothing in the pictures above). Becky Fly‘s character in the film is as a construction worker--one would assume her scenes are set during the construction of the track.
Comment:  This film could be badly stereotypical.

For more on the subject, see Medicine Man Ends Talladega Curse and Talladega Cursed by Creeks?

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