August 15, 2009

Anchorage racists caught on YouTube

Race seems to be sole reason for downtown attack

Roughed Up, Mocked:  Brother, sister busted by YouTube posting.

By James Halpin
According to charging documents, Gum and Powers, both white, spewed venom at their victim as they pelted him with bottles and eggs, mocking a Native accent and saying "I want my Monarch (vodka)," while the target of their fury meekly tried to walk away, according to charges filed in court Friday.

Authorities said there was no motive for the crime other than the race of the victim, who has not been identified but was reportedly not seriously injured.
The criminal details:The victim told police he was walking to Bean's Cafe when a car pulled up alongside him and the occupants began throwing things at him, taunting him with remarks including, "I hate you Eskimos," the charges say.

The first video posted on YouTube--which Powers recorded with a cell phone camera--was about a minute long and showed Gum and Powers pulling up to the man on the street with Gum yelling, "Hey, you want to get shot?" He then got out of the car and threw a plastic water bottle at the man, hitting him in the head, as a woman in the background laughed, the charges say.

In another video clip from the same encounter, Gum and Powers--who Gum identifies as his sister in court documents--throw eggs at the man and threaten him as he tries to walk away, the charges say. The man turned to his assailants, saying he didn't have any money and asking that they leave him alone.

"Are you getting hard? I'll hit you in the face and knock your (expletive) teeth out,' " Gum said, according to the affidavit. The man walked away, only to have Powers run up from behind and push him, almost knocking him down, the charges say.
Comment:  For more drive-by hate crimes, see Souvenir Demonstrates Rapid City Racism and "Gooks" Assaulted with BBs, Urine.

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Ojibwe Confessions said...

Although is seems like this may be a shock to most people it is nothing new. Can you imagine how much times this happens and goes on unreported. It is the same thing when a police officer is caught assaulting someone. Things happen all the time it's just normal. The sad thing is that it is normal. It shouldn't be. I really do hope that they go with the hate crime,but it will not happen. Similar incident happened in BC with a truck load of Whitemen attacked a Black man on the street. It was caught because someone posted on youtube. That is a new phenomenon using the internet as a way to attract attention.