August 12, 2009

Brave on the Xbox

SouthPeak's 'Brave: A Warrior's Tale' Now Available for Xbox 360 and Wii

An Action-Packed Adventure Game That’s Fun for the Whole FamilySouthPeak Games, in conjunction with Evolved Games, announced today that Brave: A Warrior’s Tale™ for Wii™ has shipped to all North American retailers. In addition, Brave: A Warrior’s Tale for Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, which shipped August 4, 2009, has received Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Family Games seal of approval. Brave: A Warrior’s Tale takes players of all ages on a memorable journey through Native America.

In Brave: A Warrior’s Tale, many decades have passed since Brave was called upon to defend his village from the evil and powerful dark force, Wendigo. Now as the Village Elder, Brave spends his days telling tales of his adventures to the children of the Village. Brave takes a particular interest in a child named Courage. With various weapons including the Spirit Dancer's Tomahawk and the powerful Warrior's Bow, Courage will battle dangerous creatures such as fierce wolves and fallen warriors in order to protect his tribe. Will Brave’s stories and teachings prepare Courage enough to defend the Village when Wendigo strikes again?
Brave: A Warrior's Tale :: Wii Game ReviewBrave: A Warrior's Tale is about a young Native American boy named Brave who becomes a Shaman to save his tribe from an evil spirit. The action/adventure game features simple puzzles, some tricky jumps and lots of combat. Brave can not only use his tomahawk and longbow to fight, he can also transform into animals at certain parts of the game and gain new attacks and abilities. For example, as a bear, Brave can attack foes with paw swipes or eat enemies whole.

Long Time No See, What's New?

Along with the original levels from the PS2 game, there are also four completely new levels, which doubles the length of the game! Also, there are two more playable characters and special motion controls for the game.

Unfortunately, time has not been kind to Brave's game. The graphics are not up to the standard of current next-gen games. As well, the game's camera is terrible and will be a constant pest and annoyance throughout the entire game.
Comment:  With characters named Brave, Courage, and Spirit Dancer, you can bet this game is stereotypical.

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