August 03, 2009

"Joke" about Indian shooting the bull

Correspondent DMarks alerted me to this "joke" posted on a conservative website by "Jennifer":

A Few Funnies....For My Conservative FriendsAn Indian walks into a cafe with a shotgun in one hand pulling a male buffalo with the other.

He says to the waiter: 'Want coffee.'

The waiter says, 'Sure, Chief. Coming right up.'

He gets the Indian a tall mug of coffee. The Indian drinks the coffee down in one gulp, turns and blasts the buffalo with the shotgun, causing parts of the animal to splatter everywhere and then just walks out.

The next morning the Indian returns. He has his shotgun in one hand, pulling another male buffalo with the other. He walks up to the counter and says to the waiter 'Want coffee.'

The waiter says 'Whoa, Tonto! We're still cleaning up your mess from yesterday. What was all that about, anyway?'

The Indian smiles and proudly says, 'I training for position in United States Congress: Come in, drink coffee, shoot the bull, leave mess for others to clean up, disappear for rest of day!'
A few responses:Anonymous said...

making fun of another minority what a sick bitch

July 25, 2009 12:57 AM

Greywolfe said...

That's right Jennifer, you can only tell jokes about white males. On certain days you may make fun of Jews and Christians (Catholic jokes are fine all the time) but under no circumstances are you to joke about Mexicans, Indians, Cubans, or Blacks. South American dictators and Muslims with bomb vests are EXTREMELY bad to tell jokes about.

And most importantly, you can't say a damn thing about whiny assed marxist pansies that won't put their name on a post. Cowardly pieces of crap that wouldn't know a true freedom if they got hit in their candy ass with a wall with the Constitution nailed on it, are exempt from any negative or degrading commentary whatsoever.

July 25, 2009 1:39 AM

dmarks said...

I liked the cartoons. But actually I'm one of those who has a problem with Native American "Tonto" stereotypes, too. And I'm certainly no Marxist.

July 25, 2009 8:00 AM

RaDena said...

As a "sick bitch" I loved the joke, Jennifer. I read it before and laughed then too. My husband is of Polish decent and he hears Polish jokes all the time without taking offense. In fact, he can tell them with the best of them. He says "if you can't beat 'em, join them." He also says that too many people are as sensitive as a bunch of faggots in a heterosexual whore house. Not PC? Neither he or I believe in PC, unless it's a Personal Computer. :)

Love the toons, especially the first one! I also loved Greywolf's comment! LOL!

July 25, 2009 8:53 AM

RaDena said...

Almost forgot: The Indian could have been of any race anyway. The joke was about Congress, not Indians. I can understand why Anonymous didn't take up for Congress. Who can?

July 25, 2009 8:59 AM
My response:

The "joke" calls the Indian two unsavory names--"Chief" and "Tonto"--and implies he can't speak English well. These slights wouldn't work if the joke wasn't about an Indian. So it's about Indians and Congress, not just Congress.

At least Jennifer posted three cartoons in a row without a racist attack on Obama or minorities. It wasn't until the fourth "joke" that she had to stereotype a minority. For a conservative, that's something of an achievement.

P.S. Funny that someone with the made-up name "Greywolfe" is complaining about "Anonymous." All you "brave" people are anonymous unless you sign your real first and last names.

Rob Schmidt

For more on the subject, see Racist "Jokes" Are No Jokes.


Unknown said...

I have to admit the joke was funny even though "Tonto", "Buffalo", "Chief", and stupid-talk elements were used, as always. I guess its just easier to identify a native by using ignorant perpetual stereotypes that plague native peoples who don't live in the plains or don't even eat buffalo. People learn from this these things even though its "just a joke."

Thats just one Polish guy out of a thousand who would probably think different. Does it make sense, or any sense, if a guy came into one's neighborhood and pooped on one's lawn if one's neighor gave the OK? One would say "WTF! why would you do that!?" and the pooper would say "The guy next door to you gave the okay." Pretty sure one's friends wouldn't be too happy with either since its a general view of disrespect and ignorant actions.

One ndn would think of this as nothing but thats his opinion and not the general publics. Thats what matters. What the larger number of people think. Thats the way how I see it.

I think this joke is funny but needs to move on with the times, jeeee! I got told one time not to dwell in the past but jokes like this makes me think Americans are right there with us too.

Rob, thank you for showing respect in exposing the truth with logical force. Hope all is good,


alanajoli said...

I think it would be funnier if the joke had featured a cowboy shooting an actual bull. Easy adaptation of the joke to mock a profession, not a race -- and still mock congress. :)

Anonymous said...

Rob as much as I would like to use my name on here, but for some odd reason, your blog doesn't allow it. Please, note that I am not using a computer to post comments on here, and I don't have internet access from a computer and can only use my mobile phone to do so. Since I'm stuck with the "Anonymous" label, I always sign off "GENO" at the end of each of comment, to distinguish myself from other "Anons".

Ojibwe Confessions said...

Yes,"it's just a joke". In reality these jokes as people call them have more to do about putting a people down and keeping some others on top. You think it's a coincidence that people are portrayed in a certain manner? It's all the master plan, buddie! Ah, just kidding. But there really is a not too subtle message in a lot old jokes. It is not limited to Indians, but to all sorts of races, gender and beliefs/lifestyles. You think there is no message in the fact that the Lone Ranger was always in the front on a White Stallion? While ol' Tonto was in the back on a mixed pony? LOL

Unknown said...

Of course Steve, there is a joke (or jokes) about people in general as well as beliefs, religions and so on. But it seems as though a joke about native/aboroginal people can be taken into account of how indigenous people still go about daily life or even how they are.

Have you heard about Health Canada hesitating in sending the swine flu Manitoba Nation handsanitizer because of its single content being 70%? I don't know how true it is but from what I've gathered from Blue Corn Comics (rob), NDN news, and Indianz, its convincing enough in comparison to how Darwinsts think Native people have lived on this continent for only 2,500 yrs even though its just a theory. In the case of Health Canada/Manitoba, its a rational stereotype developed through years of western media as well as "jokes."

Its easy to say that jokes-are-jokes and there is one about everything, every people. But when it comes down to it, it becomes hard to explain when asked a question about a perspective of a joke or the sorts whether it involves a certain aspect of one's culture or not. All that matters is your an Indian and its expected of you to know these sorts even though you're not Lakota or of plains heritage. Thats what I get atleast a few times out of the week working at a Indian casino with Americans who think this and think indians on reservations get free shit for signing up for a tribe of their choosing.

I respect what you say Steve, you have been on this earth longer than I have. I hope all continues to go well for you in being a father and a grandfather,