August 02, 2009

Simpson:  "I am an Indian"

Jessica Simpson--Dates Cowboys, Is An IndianJessica Simpson insists she is not an Indian giver--but that she is, in fact, an Indian. Huh?

Simpson angered some Native American groups when she told us earlier this week she wasn't an Indian giver--after we asked her if she would take back a boat she bought ex-BF Tony Romo as a gift.

When we asked her about the comment last night outside of Katsuya in Hollywood, she told us, "I am Indian, alright?"

Her Indian name would be She Who Does Not Speak Good.
As Homer Simpson and DMarks would say, "D'oh!"

This posting led to the following exchange on Facebook:Rob Schmidt
August 2 at 1:55pm

I'm curious what (she thinks) she meant by, "I am an Indian, all right?" 1) That she's part Indian by ancestry. 2) That she's an Indian "in spirit." 3) That she's part Asian Indian and doesn't know the difference.

Carolyn Chambliss
August 2 at 4:31pm

Maybe all of the above and she doesn't know the difference, LOL
if you play it backwards it definitely sounds like "Let them eat cake" though...

Rob Schmidt
August 2 at 4:37pm

Yes. Whatever the basis of her claim, she was obviously asserting her privilege. "I'm an Indian so I can say 'Indian giver.'"

I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for an apology from her. It sounds like she's a long way from feeling sorry.

Carolyn Chambliss
August 2 at 5:00pm

Actually, that is a good thing Rob, because the more she looks like she feels entitled to say racists things for whatever reason, the more she is going to put her foot in her mouth. Last night's comment was a perfect example. Just keep digging Jess!
Comment:  Follow the link to see Simpson's remark on video.


dmarks said...

"Yes. Whatever the basis of her claim, she was obviously asserting her privilege. "I'm an Indian so I can say 'Indian giver.'"

Or maybe she thinks that just because she is an "Indian giver", that makes her an Indian.

Anonymous said...

You couldn't spot her as a White Indian?

1. The face, especially the eyes, gives it away.

2. White Indians dominate the entertainment field and most other fields too like politics. They basically run North America. What do you think the White Buffalo vision was all about?

al oof said...

yeah, you know, i wouldn't put it past her that she didn't realize she was being criticized for saying something racist. if she thought people were giving her shit, still, for possibly taking back whatever it was, her response might have meant 'ok, fine, i -am- and indian giver'. you know? she was being so privileged she was racist in her response to being called out for racism.

Anonymous said...

Is it okay to take offense at the term and have a philosophical problem with a whole Native community using the same car whenever they want?
First come....

And if she is an Indian, and you could be one-eight and turn out 90%by roll of the dice, then yes, she can say anything anytime anywhere. She can attack Anglos too if she's Anglo. Go for it. I'd like to see that. Maybe Rob?

Rob said...

You'd like to see Simpson attack me, Anonymous? Did you also enjoy it when Bambi met Godzilla? ;-)

No, she can't say anything she wants even if she's a "real Indian." For more on the subject, see Simpson Really an Indian?