August 03, 2009

Simpson really an Indian?

Jessica Simpson--Part Indian, Part Mysterious

By TMZ StaffJessica Simpson When Jessica Simpson looked into our camera this weekend and claimed, "I am Indian"--she wasn't kidding around.

Jessica's rep tells TMZ the singer is 1/16th Native American "on her mother's side."

So far, Simpson's peeps have not revealed which tribe Jessica is descended from.

Of course, the revelation only came to light after Jessica started receiving criticism from Native American groups after she claimed she wasn't an "Indian giver"--regarding a gift she bought Tony Romo.
Comment:  Being 1/16 Indian on your mother's side doesn't make you an Indian. It makes you a pathetic wannabe for claiming to be an Indian. Unless you're a member of a tribe based on a small fraction of blood quantum or lineal descent.

Do we really need to ask what "tribe" Simpson is from? The odds are about 20-1 in favor of its being Cherokee.

In any case, Simpson shouldn't have used and abused the term "Indian giver." That's stereotypical and arguably offensive even when an Indian says it.


Ojibwe Confessions said...

Perhaps Jessica could be part of the History Channel show, "Ancestors in the Attic". The show finds all sorts of different groups of people in your past. She can find some long lost Native ancestor. We can say "hey cuz, can you lend me some coin?"

Rob said...

Carolyn Chambliss posted these comments on Facebook:

Love it! Great work Rob, although I think you went really easy on her. I think her claim of being an "Indian" is the most offensive part for your critique and then some!

1) She has no idea what that means within the cultural debate or within Native American circles.

2) She has no tribal affiliation whatsoever and has never spoken out for NA rights.

3) Need I say more about the Cherokee princess ref--and yes she has been caught on record saying that she's part Cherokee on her mamma's side....

4) neo riche powhitetrash, flippant way she said it...!

5) I could go on for days....

6) Next thing we'll see her publicist presenting DNA testing to "prove" that she is an NDN--aka: keep diggin' Jess! LMFAO!!!

This pretty much makes my day and ain't even 8 am yet!