August 10, 2009

Tinsel Korey comes clean?

In The Truth About Tinsel Korey, an anonymous reader posted a comment that began as follows:I'm Tinsel Korey. It goes like this. I lied.

I won't say my first name. My last name is Patel. I am not First Nations.
Comment:  There's no way to tell if this comment is really from Tinsel Korey. If it is from her, I commend her for standing up and telling the truth. If it isn't from her, I commend someone for doing a good job of faking a sincere confession.

For more on the subject, see Friday, Tonto, Jacob, et al. and The Best Indian Movies.


Anonymous said...

I hope the coming forward of the supposed "First Nations" wannabe, is legit. But I'm gonna remain skeptical, since there's not enough evidence to support the comment that this was indeed from--Tinsel Korey. The best way for her to telling the truth, is by doing it on camera and admit her faux impersonations of a Native princess. Otherwise she's gonna have to lead a life full of lies.

Anonymous said...

I also just noticed her wiki page indicates she's of the South East Asian descent where both of her parents are Hindi. Her real last name is also noted therein. So its already evident that her real ethnic identity is revealed.

Thank God.

Anonymous said...

Obviously a fake post. Tinsel wouldn't come on a small website to post something randomly, she would make a public announcement, or her management would release something. She is a professional, and you people should open your eyes to a white guys blog about Native peoples bloodlines. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Wow.You must be pretty stupid to believe that was really her...hey Rob, stop posting shit that isn't true. You are a embarrassment to the journalistic and publishing community!

kwe_kwe said...

I think Rob is opening a dialogue about this. This is not the only site on the web questioning it. Even her myspace page does not list her nation or her story. As well, the new moon press release mentions all of the wolfpack heritage, but neglects to mention hers.

Check out this interview of her. At 2:14 there is a strange cut when it comes to her mentioning her heritage and if you ask me she does not sound assertive in her identity at all, maybe her character, Emily, but that's all:

Something ain't right here --not just with the interview, but with her story in general...

Anonymous said...

All of this is just publicity. Why is it that there are so many gossip magazines and websites? Because they all want to ride the coat tails of those who are doing something with their lives. Tinsel will be laughing about all of this free publicity all the way to the bank because if there is one thing that Celebrities understand is that there is no such thing as bad publicity.
I personally think Rob is a racist douche bag for labeling Native Americans as an Interest. That sounds so stupid in so many ways I can't even believe any community would hire him, then again the corruption in most tribal governments is also equally dumb, so it makes sense.
Who actually knows her story? Only she does as well as her family, and I think it is between them, who are we to judge anyone? To those who judge a person by what they read on a gossip website with less credible evidence then an Alien website I hope you walk off a cliff with the rest of the sheep just like you.
I personally don't care what she is because she has talent and is a good person. That is more then any of you can say about yourselves.
One day a slot machine will fall from the sky and land on Robs puny brain solving the problem of white men and women spreading rumors about colored people. Because that is what this blog is, racism. The systematic destruction of a nation. I have to hand it to him, he is eating well off of Native people, so who can blame him for continuing to attack people who have been trained by others just like him to attack one another.

if you are native and question another native person, it is just another way to justify how native you are and in doing so proving you do not know your culture or people.
If you are not, well that is just sad that you gossip about our people or find us interesting. Such a demeaning statement.

Oh, and my opinion does not matter because like any of the posts in defense of Tinsel, it will be removed shortly. Also, I don't live in a teepee so I am not Native either. haha
Can't believe how ignorant people are.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is hating on a beautiful and talented brown girl has too much time on their hands. Do you even KNOW her personally? have you met her parents? Have you seen her 'adoption' papers?

Well if you haaave --- ROB --- then you have a leg to stand on. If youDON'T know her personally or know her family, you should shut the fuck up and find a real job where your focus is not pulling apart the already precarious sense of unity shared by brown people.

Why hate on Tinsel? She is talented and gorgeous... THAT IS WHY YOU HATE HER. Bet every one of you who slag her are out there slagging other brown people daily people for not being 'real'. what are you? the 'who is native is defined by me' club?

That's the oldest trick in the book, it's called elitism and it doesn't have a place in indigenous culture if we want a strong future.

Save your hate and judgement for your own family, not Tinsel's.

Lynette said...

Thank you Hazel!

Anonymous said...

Rob may not know her but I do. She is lying. Check the other post. There's more evidence than that but not everyone wants to get involved. Many NATIVES are tired of her lying and Rob is just providing the platform. People have tried to stop her but people like you who allow her to lie just help kill OUR culture.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of you are ill informed, including Rob. Anyone who uses the internet as a reference is a moron. Wikipedia and Myspace should never be used to find information on anyone, and online accusations will always be there because the internet is a place where people with no lives go to and bash others for having one. Anyone who claims to "know" Tinsel just sounds like a complete ass, especially when they sign as anonymous. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone with internet access, it only takes one person with no life to update it daily which is what has been happening. I love how the post has a question mark. It proves that is is an accusation, how sad that Rob and his stupid followers use her name and false information about her to gain fame. Rob is a loser who is infatuated with natives, get a life and stop trying to become something riding the coat tails of real talented people....

It does not say that Tinsel has a foundation that raises money for Tribal youth art programs, or that she visited the Quileute and Makah nation to give them acting classes. Which she planned and payed for herself. Everything she does for tribal youth could be ruined by retards like the haters on this page and assholes like Rob who deprive amazing people like Tinsel the respect and real publicity they deserve.

Does it say anywhere on here that she supports local artists and hires Native Designers for red carpet events, and plugs their businesses at every chance? Or that she asks for a specific Native make-up artist to be hired on set? All the things she does for the community hidden by this cloud of hate by a white male and his loser friends.

Anonymous said...

The truth is out.

Anonymous said...

I went to High School with Harsha & remember the day she changed her name. She is not a first Nations person, I had a discussion in the cafe with her about the fact the I WASS Ojibway and she was fascinated with the Native Culture. Clearly fascinated enough to lie about her background. Maybe she is a pretty girl and a good actress but she is still a fake and a fraud.

She took a role away from a real Anishnawbe person and she falsely is allowing Native Youth to look up to her as a Native Role model. she Should be ashamed of herself. Stop defending her.