August 07, 2009

Twilight's Native language = yipping?

'New Moon' Wolf Kiowa Gordon Talks About The Pack

'He saves humans from vampires, basically,' Gordon says of his character in the film.

By Larry Carroll
MTV: You and some other "New Moon" stars were exposed to the public for the first time at Comic-Con. How was that?

Gordon: Yeah, I went to the Comic-Con for the "Twilight" screenings, and the question-and-answer [sessions], and it was crazy. They all started screaming as soon as we walked off the bus; the whole time we were answering questions they just kept screaming and screaming. It was so surreal for me. I've also gone to my own things—like I've gone to this unity conference out in New Mexico where Native American youths gather and share their tribal affiliations and all that awesome stuff. And [Twilighters were there and] they went crazy.

MTV: Taylor has said that he gets to speak the Native-American language of the tribe a bit in "New Moon." Do you?

Gordon: No, I would just—we make noises.

MTV: Noises? Can you give us an example?

Gordon: Hopefully I won't get in trouble for this. But yeah, [there's a scene where] we get out of the car, and we have to do this call—this signal that we're home. Me and Jared, we go [he unleashes a loud, yipping noise]. It's kinda funny. But it's awesome.

MTV: Wow. And that basically means "Hi Honey, I'm home"?

Gordon: [Laughs.] Yeah!
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Our Twilight Adventure and Quileute Werewolves in Twilight.


dmarks said...

It would have been cool if the wolf-affected characters spoke in real Quileute when they communicated instead.

After all, if they are wolfing out because of an antiquarian legend made real, why not add something historical like this?

It would give a tinge of authentic Quileute culture to a franchise that pretty much completely lacks it.

Also, there is a concerted effort to preserve and re-invigorate the Quileute language., and this idea would get some exposure by having words from the langauge featured in a hit film.

If Taylor Lautner indeed uses the language in the film, then it looks like this will happen, a little.

Yipping sounds lame.

Anonymous said...

Indians should only yip when a coach or commanding officer's asking for alpha dogs.