August 04, 2009

Parachuting into "barbaric" Cherokee land

Barker, PETA right, but their aim could have been betterAnyone who’s lived in Western North Carolina for long—or knows anything about the region—knows how offensive it is to locals, Cherokee or otherwise, to have people from other areas parachute in and tell us how we should be doing things.

The implication that we are backward up here in these hills is insulting and guaranteed to raise a wall of resistance to any idea proffered in such a manner. Given their history, it’s especially infuriating to the Cherokee to be portrayed as “uncivilized” or “barbaric,” as Bob Barker and PETA suggested in their recent protest of the way bears are held in captivity on Cherokee lands.

But apparently no one got the word to Barker or PETA, making their protest a rude affront that would have been better directed elsewhere, even though they are right on the issue.

It is cruel and inhumane to confine bears in concrete pens. It should be stopped and there’s no sugarcoating that.
Comment:  For more on the subject, see Barker Calls for Tourist Boycott and Barker Bearish After Cherokee Meeting.

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