October 02, 2010

Girl attacked for supporting gays

Man Attacks 14 Year Old Girl For Carrying Rainbow Flag

By Admin (Eric)La Crosse, Wisconsin--A 14 year old girl on rollerblades was getting ready to march in the Maple Leaf Parade with the LGBT Resource Center’s float, she was carrying a rainbow/American flag hybrid. But it got ugly when Mark Schneider ran up, grabbed the flag, pushed her and screamed, “Go to a country where they will hang people like you.”

Horrifying, this was a child! Police are investigating the incident, and assault charges are pending.
Comment:  The posting identifies the assailant as "Commodore Mark Schneider"--presumably a member of the US Navy. Since most people in the military are Christians, it's an extremely good bet that he's one too. So we have someone who probably believes in the teachings of Jesus and has sworn to defend the Constitution assaulting a child for expressing a opinion. That's America's "live and let live" attitude for you: "I'll let you live, but I'd prefer that you die."

‎"Go to a country where they will hang people like you," Schneider the good American said. In other words, gays are like Latinos and Muslims. They're all foreigners who don't belong in the country. Because all bigotries are similar. They're all about establishing the primacy of white Euro-Christian power.

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A few snarky comments on Facebook:

Gay is the new brown.Thanks for posting Rob--people are sick...the bottom line is that this is a child--and some twisted asshole assualted her--the fact that she wanted to show her support for gay pride is secondary--the guy was looking for an excuse to fucking hurt a child.Gay Indians were here first!Seems like people need an new target to direct their "9/11 mosque" rage at. Might as well be the gays, right? So dumb.Right. They're inventing a series of controversies to stoke the anger of their base. From Obama's birth certificate to "death panels" to this, it's all about keeping white conservative Christians in power.

For more on Indians and LGBT issues, see Grandmothers Don't Like Radical Advocacy?, Star Trek vs. Star Wars, and Comic-Con Protest vs. Dudesons Protest.

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Burt said...

Being gay should never be leveled with being a minority or a segmented part of society. There have been famous and remarkable people throughout time from all races and past civilizations that have contributed to the human story and the last noticeable mark they made in life was their sexual orientation.

Sexual preferences should be a matter left to the individual rights of each of us, as a private matter or public, when one chooses.

Unfortunately, in this country, sex is equated to religion and used as a moral compass for the populist to keep as something “dirty” or “evil”, never evolving the human as a being of higher status or positive values unless it comes to money or material.

If this supreme nation and its glorious people are so dehumanized to the point of deregulating and demeaning the role of women, what does this say about our value of human life at all? The men whom chastised women for wanting rights to vote in this country are the same ones whom today claim marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

Until we rid this world of the puritanical myths and continued confusion about sexuality and our inability to be comfortable with sex as a valuable human function, we will always remain less of the so-called human being human and more of a human being an animal and that is an insult of animals as far as I’m concerned.